The time, care, patience and love Simiya showed me, my husband and my womb were so genuine—as if she was family. It reminded me of our ancestors when mom, aunt, sister and grandma would care for you during labor and delivery. Simiya came to our home on several occasions to talk about the various ways to deliver. She shared her knowledge with us about the different types of drugs the nursing staff would try to introduce, the natural vitamins I can take and shared a typical birth plan with me. From this, I was able to consult with her about my wishes so that they would be met once admitted to Barnes.

Once at the hospital, Simiya quickly arrived to be by me and my husband’s sides. My wishes were met to go natural as long as possible and Simiya initiated pressure point massage and had the nurses offer me different noodles, balls and other techniques to get my contractions to come naturally. When I ended up having to have drugs towards the end, Simiya walked me through the next steps and outcome to ease any of my concerns.

When laboring she assisted my husband and was by my side every step. She held my hand when I pushed and again when baby wasn’t crying right away. She wiped my tears and consoled me when I became concerned. When baby let out her first cries, Simiya immediately put baby on my breast for latching and skin to skin. I cannot imagine having anyone else by my side other than my husband during the most traumatic and beautiful experience in my life. I would recommend her services and guidance to any mother that thinks they can go at this alone. She was able to clearly speak for me when contractions got to bad and was a trusted voice I could depend on.

Simiya checked in on us postpartum and offered insight on stretches I can do to heal my ongoing backaches. I plan to use Simiya again for placenta encapsulation and when we decide to have another baby.
— Danielle M.
Simiya was the blessing I needed, having my second child in very different circumstances than my first. My first was in a birthing center, surrounded by my side of the family from the time I got to the center till my son was born 5 hours later. This time we had moved half way across the country so no one from my side of the family would be able to attend the birth and we were going to a traditional hospital. Simiya brought the calming, familial and holistic energy I needed to prepare for birth. She was supportive before, during and after the delivery of my baby girl. Incredibly responsive, encouraging and flexible, she responded in the middle of the night (3am) when my water broke and helped deliver my baby girl in less than 1 hour. Despite the hectic nature of it all, she responded intuitively ( meeting us at the hospital when my phone died) and got the hospital staff on track when they were stupefied about me walking in fully dilated. She had my birth plan memorized and ready to go. She checked up on us postpartum and really helped me to get my bearings back, since it had been 5 years since my first. She was a gift and a gem and I am so thankful to have had her support our family in bringing my second into this world.
— Amanda C. S.
Simiya’s presence during the birth of my second child was integral to my positive birth experience. My first pregnancy & birth were easy; my second was not. Simiya was there for me prior to labor with in depth knowledge of pregnancy & an empathetic shoulder to lean on. Her advice & support helped me manage a severe depression as well as prepped me for my second natural birth. I was in false labor for two weeks before my daughter was born & Simiya was there for me every morning to check in, every evening to say goodnight, whenever I needed her she was quick to respond. Once my labor actually started for real, Simiya arrived at the birth center before I did! my labor progressed extremely quickly & Simiya’s calm, steady, loving energy was absolutely my rock in the storm. If i were to ever have any more children I would absolutely work with Simiya again. She is an amazing doula & person. I highly highly recommend her.
— Anna R.