Trauma Informed. Queer Friendly. Body Positive.

 Prenatal and Postpartum. Restorative. Chair. Vinyasa Flow. 


Private Yoga Sessions 

Deepen your mind, body and Spirit connection. Feel nurtured and supported with personalized instruction in a one-on-one yoga session. Music, bolsters, blankets, blocks, aromatherapy and gentle hands-on and verbal assists are offered throughout each session. Private yoga is perfect if you are seeking guidance in your yoga practice for therapeutic reasons or if you prefer a individualized practice, created to suit your unique needs.

Private yoga is perfect for:

  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Developing and deepening your personal practice
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum adaptations
  • Adaptation for injuries, medical conditions and mobility concerns


Private yoga is a complementary, holistic modality for addressing and healing a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Stress
  • Physical and Emotional Trauma



  • $75 per 60 minute session
  • $100 per 90 minute session

Sliding Scale Pricing 

  • $50-$75 per 60 minute session 
  • $75-$100 per 90 minute session

I offer special private yoga rates for birth and/or postpartum doula clients. $25 per one hour private prenatal yoga session and $50 per 90 minute session. 

If the sliding scale rates are prohibitive and you are a low income person of color, and you are interested in private yoga, please contact me. In our current political climate, with the presence of rampant injustice, traumatic stress, racism and uncertainty, I am passionate about offering private yoga sessions as holistic healing modality for communities of color. 



Monthly Donation Based Prenatal Yoga Classes at The Community Birth and Wellness Center in Ferguson.

$5-$15 suggested donation.

Join us on the first Sunday of each month for a gentle, hour long prenatal yoga class. Class begins February 5th! 

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat and bottle of water. 



1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. 4-5:30 at Mindful Movements

Yo!Goddess is a 90 minute practice that combines asana, pranayama, guided meditation, readings from feminist and sacred literature and music to honor and awaken the presence of the Divine Feminine in each of us.

This is a practice to promote positive body awareness, womb and reproductive wellness, tapping into our intuition and inner Goddess, self-study, strength, and self-love.

Each practice will have a different focus, ranging from a practice centered on Oshun, the Yoruba Orisha of beauty, love, prosperity and fertility to a practice centered on self-care and the literature of Audre Lorde.

We are asking all students to offer a contribution to the studio for their class. Suggested range $10-15, however, please contribute what you can between $5 and $20. Class cards available online.